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Stories and ideas drawn from over 40 years working as an occupational psychologist and management trainer.

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My personal blog is written as the mood takes me, on a whole variety of topics. Comment is actively encouraged.

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Bid for any original watercolour

I will accept any reasonable offer for any of my watercolours to raise money for Prisoners Education Trust (I am a trustee).  Simply click on Fundraising Watercolours and scroll down through the images.  They are all unframed, original paintings.  Please support a good cause.

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Dr. Peter Honey: A short biography

I am a lapsed chartered psychologist and founder of Peter Honey Publications Ltd (now owned by  Pearson).

After graduating, I worked for Ford Motor Company and then British Airways before becoming a freelance occupational psychologist in 1969 (yes, that long ago!). I have always focused on helping directors/senior executives to manage themselves and other people better (impossible to run out of clients!) and worked in organisations as diverse as the Bank of England, AstraZeneca, American Express, the Automobile Association, ICI, ICL, UKAEA and Ford.

I am ‘respectable’ – a Fellow of the RSA and, until recently, the CIPD.  I was a founder member of the distinguished group that produced A Declaration on Learning and I am a Patron of the Campaign for Learning and a Trustee of Prisoners Education Trust.

I am a dedicated lifelong learner and, rather to my surprise, a popular conference speaker.  I am also a prolific author with a monthly column in TJ and a regular blogger for People Management.  I have written over 20 books including:

  • The Manual of Learning Styles (with Alan Mumford)
  • Developing Interactive Skills (with Neil Rackham)
  • 21 Questionnaires for Personal Development
  • Explore Your Values
  • Teams and Teamwork
  • How to Manage Your Learning Environment (with Alan Mumford)
  • Valuing Diversity
  • 101 Ways to Develop Your People, Without Really Trying!
  • Problem People and How to Manage Them
  • Improve Your People Skills
  • 50 Cautionary Tales for Managers
  • Strengthen Your Strengths

All my work has two enduring themes; learning and behaviour.  Fortunately, neither of these has a sell-by date.  Helping people to learn from their experiences and to interact with others more effectively, will always be relevant.

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Human nature may not change, but human behaviour certainly has

  I have never been quite sure what the expression human nature really means.  The ‘nature’ bit seems to suggest something built into the system, something instinctive, something fixed and immutable, something impervious to change. As a psychologist, I’m uncomfortable with ideas that challenge choice and free will.  I’d far rather believe that we are free to choose our actions.  I once wrote a song called Choose where the first verse went: Choose, choose You can choose What to do [...]

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Embarrassing? What me?

Sometimes my wife rebukes me because, she claims, I have been embarrassing.  In other words; I’m embarrassing.  I (of course!) have an alternative way to describe the same phenomenon; I’m not embarrassing it’s just that sometimes, some people, including my wife, are embarrassed by my behaviour.  You might think this is hair-splitting, but not so.  In one explanation I’m embarrassing, i.e. I’m the problem, and in the other, some people have chosen to feel embarrassed by something I have said [...]

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