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Musts and wants

Some years ago I was invited to join in a think-tank, organised by the Cabinet Office, to generate ideas on what the government could do to motivate more people to embrace lifelong learning.  It seems that far too many people treat learning and development as an optional extra.  This despite all the messages about learning being the core capability; the only skill that can never become obsolete; the gateway to employability and fulfilment; the only way to sustain a competitive [...]

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Muddling along

    Did you know what you wanted to do at an early age?  Is what you are doing now what you set out to do?  Have you got a career path mapped out and, if so, are you on track? I ask these questions because I have never known what I wanted to do in advance of doing it.  I left school without having a clue what I wanted to do (fortunately long enough ago to have been rescued [...]

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So far as other people are concerned, you are your behaviour