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Give managers a break

I have spent my whole career helping managers of different shapes and sizes to manage people better.  I have also been a manager myself so it hasn’t just been ‘do as I say’ stuff.  Most managers I worked with were what I’d describe as reluctant managers – and this includes me.  They were reluctant because, in order to progress, there had come a point in their career where they had to stop doing whatever they were good at and start [...]

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Just common sense?

If I was a stick of rock, instead of the name of the name of the resort running all the way though me, mine would say learning and behaviour.  The advantage of these two themes is that, unlike real sticks of rock, they have no sell by date.  For as long as human beings last they will always have to learn and behave.    However, as with anything as durable as learning and behaviour, there is a downside; they get [...]

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So far as other people are concerned, you are your behaviour