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Give managers a break

I have spent my whole career helping managers of different shapes and sizes to manage people better.  I have also been a manager myself so it hasn’t just been ‘do as I say’ stuff.  Most managers I worked with were what I’d describe as reluctant managers – and this includes me.  They were reluctant because, in order to progress, there had come a point in their career where they had to stop doing whatever they were good at and start [...]

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What’s in a description?

Once upon a time a woman I didn’t know asked if she could interview me.  She was conducting  research and writing a book about managing mavericks.  Puzzled, I asked her what she thought I could contribute.  She told me I was a maverick and that she wanted to include me in her book.  Intrigued, I agreed to be interviewed and we arranged to meet. I prepared by consulting my dictionary: ‘maverick, an unorthodox or independently minded person’.  I wasn’t at [...]

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So far as other people are concerned, you are your behaviour