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Musts and wants

Some years ago I was invited to join in a think-tank, organised by the Cabinet Office, to generate ideas on what the government could do to motivate more people to embrace lifelong learning.  It seems that far too many people treat learning and development as an optional extra.  This despite all the messages about learning being the core capability; the only skill that can never become obsolete; the gateway to employability and fulfilment; the only way to sustain a competitive [...]

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Fame at last

Three things have happened lately that I find heartening.  Each has confirmed that I’m not as invisible as I’d assumed I might be.  Invisibility is definitely a hazard when you reach my age.  It must explain why so many young people crash into me whilst texting! I was invited to speak to a conference at Lancaster University.  Invitations of this kind are becoming rarer simply because people assume I must be dead by now – death being the ultimate in [...]

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So far as other people are concerned, you are your behaviour