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Publishing Mishaps

  After writing hundreds of published articles and almost 40 books, booklets and manuals I have had only three real disappointments. The first was when Face to Face, my first solo book was published in 1976.  The publishers, The Institute of Personnel Management, had promised to consult me about the design for the cover.  I had even volunteered to submit some designs myself but, since they had a longstanding contract with a graphic designer, this was declined.  As the publication […]

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The Democrat

At long last they reached the final item on the agenda, AOB.  As usual, the faculty meeting had been a rambling affair, inadequately chaired by Walter, the Professor of Psychology.  ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce that the university have entered into an arrangement with a distinguished group of professional artists.’  Walter paused, as if expecting this news to be greeted with rapturous applause.  However, the members of the faculty sat impassively, seemingly unmoved, waiting for him to continue.  […]

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