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A manager who was hooked on brainstorming

Miles was a section manager in a large design agency.  He was in his thirties, with an unkempt beard and given to wearing corduroy trousers. He had a degree in graphics and design and was a gifted cartoonist.  The agency created advertising campaigns, advised on corporate logos and designed catalogues and brochures for a number of blue-chip companies.  The ethos of the place was right-brained, informal and emphatically ‘can do’.  Miles was a great fan of intuitive processes and lateral [...]

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An unwanted encounter

Thus far I have gone through a long life remarkably unscathed by physical mishaps.  I fell off the back of a Land Rover during my National Service, I nearly fell out of a plane during my time in the University Air Squadron, and a taxi driver in Singapore tried to stab me with a screwdriver.  But otherwise, it’s been plain sailing until the other evening on a train travelling from Windsor to Waterloo.   It was 9.30 at night and, [...]

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So far as other people are concerned, you are your behaviour