Here is a list of my pet hates:

Plastic bags that won’t open.

Newscasters who start their reports with the word, ‘Well,…..’.

Shoe laces that come undone whilst I walk.

Garden hoses that kink and tie themselves in knots.

Bare midriffs that sag.

Telephonists who say ‘bear with me a moment’ then disappear for ages.

Fat people sitting next to me on a train/plane or in a concert hall.

People who, when you ask them how they are, actually tell you (or say ‘mustn’t grumble’).

Music where I can’t easily detect a tune.

Poetry that doesn’t rhyme.

Cold soup (even when it supposed to be cold!).

Peanuts and, especially, peanut butter (if I fell into enemy hands, I’d tell them everything if they threatened me with a peanut butter sandwich).

Computers when they try to be helpful e.g. when numbering.

Speakers at conferences who read verbatim from their notes and/or show too many busy PowerPoints.


Being described as an ‘internationally renowned guru’.

Anything that suggests leaders/managers should be ‘super’, ‘great’, walk on water, etc.

People who think I’m interested in hearing over and over what wonderful grandchildren they have.

Labels on clothes that stick up at the back and tell the whole world your size (XXL).

Machines in car parks that don’t give change.

Cold showers (reminds me of school).

Balancing on a ladder to change a halogen light bulb (that then doesn’t work).

Bah, humbug!

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